What Are You Thinking?

Happy 2015!

It’s a new year and a new beginning. For me, it’s a year to begin blogging; something I have been thinking about doing for some time. Although I am not certain where this will lead, this is the year I am going to do it anyway. I’m letting go of expectations and outcome, focusing only on the excitement of embracing a new challenge. Does it bring up some fear and uncertainty in me? Absolutely! Yet I am doing it anyway, trusting that whatever happens as a result, wherever it leads, that I will learn and grow from the experience.

Thoughts Leads to Action

Thinking about writing a blog, or just thinking about doing anything is what it is; a thought. It is only when we take our thoughts and ideas and move them into motion that the thoughts become reality. So I ask you, what have you been thinking about doing? Is there an area in your life, relationships or career that you have a desire for change? More importantly, if it’s merely a thought, is there a reason you haven’t taken action to bring those thoughts and desires to reality? Have you thought about what might happen if you did?

Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

What if this is the year you let go of fear and hesitation, that you trust your instincts, and go for whatever it is you really want? It can be a bit daunting, but ultimately a new experience with worthwhile lessons. Sometimes it’s the fear of failure or disappointment that holds us back, other times it’s the fear of success. We don’t always feel we are worthy of greatness. But that too, is simply thought, and something we have the power to change.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Every creation and every wonderful invention in this world began with a thought that someone dared to put into motion. What if you started paying extra attention to your thoughts, giving greater attention to the ones that move you forward in a positive way? What would be possible for you? Why not allow yourself to dream big, to imagine all you want to bring into your life this year and view it as a possibility?

Ground Yourself

After the release of my 6th book several years ago, I felt I had said what I needed to say and I took a much needed break from writing both my weekly advice column and books. It felt right at the time, although I sensed I would write again one day. I had empty space to fill. So I used that time to tune in, take time for myself and my family, and to experience life in a different way. I volunteered, continued to work with a few clients and I became a certified yoga instructor. I’ve learned and grown, and have worked at living a more balanced, grounded and simpler life.

The Time is Now: Putting Thought into Action

For some time now I’ve been contemplating writing again, to finally begin the blog that I’ve been thinking about writing for many years. Although I am not certain where it will lead or who my audience will be. I decided to take action anyway; to hold myself accountable. It’s essential I practice what I preach and let go of the hesitation. I could easily talk myself out of it, but instead I am doing something I have thought about doing for some time. I am starting this blog and I am ready to take the plunge with you.

Think Possibility

I’ve declared this the year of possibilities. I’ve found that simply thinking in terms of possibility is uplifting, hopeful and positive. Try it. Think about what you want, think about all that is possible, and notice how good you feel! Then when the fear and doubt start to take over, push it aside and keep thinking about the possibilities ahead. I think we all can use some optimism and support in our lives. I believe we can be that for each other. I intend to be that for you.

Keep asking yourself and find the answers to the questions:

What is possible for me this year? If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I dare to do?

My hope is that this site serves to encourage and help us both stay true to the most important commitments we make to ourselves. My vision is for this to be interactive, much like the Q&A columns I’ve written for years. I’d love to hear from you; to discover what you want and need; to hear your stories, your questions. Have you declared what’s possible for you this year? Simply stating your intention or desire is a most powerful first step, bringing thought to reality.

Let me know how I might help you along the way. I am excited to connect with you as we travel the unknown, filled with possibility, together.

Think possibility!

Sue Morem