The Time Is Now

I love keeping myself busy. A busy schedule makes me feel purposeful and in sync with life. In fact, I am rarely at a loss for something to do. I strive to live life fully, and make the most of each day. The challenge, however, is remembering to take the time to give myself what I often need most; doing nothing at all.

The Never Ending List of Things To Do

There are always emails to check, texts and voice mails to respond to, friends and family to check in with, housework to do, shopping to get done, books to read, articles to write, shows to watch, and the list goes on. Slowing down rarely makes it to the top of my list.

Putting Your Wellbeing First is Essential

Sometimes getting hit with an illness is what finally forces me to pull back. A few years ago I was sick with a nasty bacterial infection and was unable to do much of anything for several weeks. It was a humbling experience for me as I am used to pushing through and getting things done no matter what. This time was different.

The rest and solitude I had not only helped heal my body, but became a time of self-reflection and emotional healing as well. I gained a new sense of appreciation for each day that I felt well enough to get up and do some of the things I used to do so easily and automatically. I learned that I need to slow down and say no to things when my life is getting too full; that it is essential to put my wellbeing first.

Give Yourself Mini Breaks; Stop and Breathe

When a full day of rest is not an option, you can take mini breaks by stopping whatever you are doing and tuning in to relax for a few moments. An immediate change takes place when you pause, place your feet on the ground and focus on each breath you take. That little voice inside your head will try to get your attention and distract you, but as long as you push the thoughts aside and continue to focus on breathing slowly and deliberately, you will discover an immediate sense of calm. See for yourself the difference it can make.

Open Up to a Healthier Happier Life

Think about giving yourself an unplanned day once in a while, when you are healthy and feeling great. A day to do nothing or whatever strikes you in the moment. Consider it the insurance for a happier, healthier life every other day of the year.

There are many things we can put off, but don’t delay taking time for you. The time is now to live fully and connect with your true self. Slow down today even if only for a few breaths, it’s a great start!

The time is now, and a happy, calmer and healthier you is a possibility!

Sue Morem