Notice the Signs: Uncover Your Talents and Direct Your Life

Over the last few months people have asked me about my blog: How is it going? Why are you doing it? Can you make money from blogging?

I understand people may not understand my motivation or why I would spend time doing something I may not profit from.  Yet when I attempt to answer such questions I find it inexplicable, as it doesn’t begin to explain the reason I created in the first place.

Review Your Life to Reveal the Signs

I’ve been writing since I was young. My mother kept some of the notes I wrote, from detailed instructions as a child about what to put in my lunch, to letters I wrote as a teen explaining my point of view when we disagreed. The one area I consistently heard praise was how well I expressed myself through my writing.  It was a sign, but I didn’t think much about it.

I was never a serious student in school, except for the one college course in which I received my only ‘A’; Interpersonal Communication. The professor asked if she could use my final paper as an example for others in the future. It was a sign, but I didn’t see it.

Throughout my life, whenever I’ve been upset, overwhelmed or in need of finding my voice and sorting through my thoughts, writing has been my refuge. When I finally give myself permission to stop doing other things and sit down to write, the words come. This too, has been a sign, but I didn’t know it.

The truth is that we all receive signs that can help direct us throughout our lives, but often negate or overlook the deeper messages they provide.

Listen to What Others Tell You; Notice How Others Use Their Natural Talents

After 20 years of writing books and a weekly column, I stopped cold turkey. It felt good to take a break and find new areas of interest. As I began working more closely with others and hearing their feedback on how my words helped them, I’ve had a gnawing feeling that I should write again. Another sign I pushed aside for years.

I’m in awe of the many talented people I meet, read and hear about.  I’ve noticed those who honor their natural talents to help direct and find purpose in their lives. It began to dawn on me that there have been signs throughout my life giving me direction. So, I decided to heed the signs I now see. That is why I started blogging. No other motivation than to exercise my writing muscle and see where it leads, if anywhere.

Enjoy the Journey

For those of you who wonder how things are going, I can tell you that with no deadlines or expectations imposed, it is a new experience and one I am taking advantage of. I’ve taken time to enjoy the summer and work on my new website, which has finally launched.  I’ve been talking with others about new ideas for, so stay tuned.

Will I profit from writing this blog? That is yet to be decided, but it is not the reason I am writing. It’s quite freeing to be without a specific outcome, audience or deadline at this time. I will continue to enjoy the journey; to look for signs, and go with the detours along the way, for I trust it will lead me, and us, to the place we are meant to be.