About Sue and this Site


I’m Sue Morem. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and see what The Year of Possibilities is all about. I’ve put together a synopsis of my background and some additional information that will help you understand who I am and why I created this site.

I am passionate about empowering people to move forward in their lives and reach their full potential. For the last 25 years I’ve been helping people and organizations gain the professional edge through my speaking, media appearances, books and workplace advice column.

I’ve consulted and worked with some of the most recognizable companies; have been a guest on numerous national news and televisions shows and featured in a variety of publications for the concepts I teach and the work I’ve done.

My experience has helped me become a strong leader, compassionate human being and committed to helping others reach their full potential. My journey and my work have opened a spiritual path for me. Over the years I discovered that putting forth new ideas and taking chances led me to the right people at the right time and opened doors I never imagined I would walk through.IMG_0357

One of the most unexpected and exciting connections was made upon the release of my first book, How to Gain the Professional Edge, when it landed in the hands of Drew Carey and the producers of his show. Just two weeks after the release of the book I received a call requesting permission to use it as the premise of an episode of the Drew Carey Show. The book was featured throughout the show; content was quoted, and Drew held the book in his hands, kissed it and said it changed his life! He even kissed the book as he said “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” Having my first book on primetime television generated publicity, helped me gain visibility, and gave a boost to sales. I am forever grateful to both Drew Carey and his producers, and am still looking for a way to reach him to personally thank him, so if you have a connection, let me know!

Nothing in my early years suggested the path I would end up on. In fact, my career and educational path has been unconventional. An award winning salesperson, I was one of only a few women among my predominately male counterparts when I started out. I’ve been overlooked, and looked at the wrong way. I persevered. When Tom Peters stopped writing his column and I was asked to replace him I was unsure, but I said yes anyway. I was the first female columnist to be in the business pages of the Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. I don’t have the expected degrees or trainings that would have prepared me to do many of the things I’ve accomplished. Although there were many times it concerned me or caused me to question my ability, I didn’t let it stop me.

As I list the summary of my accomplishments it may seem as if it’s been seamless, but it has not. I’ve had my share of highs and lows, ups and downs. An entrepreneur at a very young age, I’m used to taking risks, pushing beyond my comfort zone, facing rejection and being told it can’t be done. It has been lonely at times. I’ve questioned my ability and my potential. At times I came close to giving up, but my determination and conviction has seen me through. Over the years there have been so many positive things that have happened and wonderful people I’ve met who inspired me to keep on going. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been a journey filled with life lessons and personal growth. I wouldn’t be who I am today without every experience, both good and bad.

I stopped writing professionally after the release of my last book, 101 Tips for Graduates, Second Edition, several years ago. I took time off to regroup, reflect, reinvent and recharge. I continued working with a few select clients; served on a board, volunteered, and broadened my interests. I became a certified yoga instructor. I’ve devoted thousands of hours teaching, training, and learning about the principles of a healthier lifestyle and the amazing connection of our mind, body and spirit.

In addition, I’ve been working with the international nonprofit organization, Dress for Success, leading programs and working with women from a variety of challenging situations to help them reclaim their power and become economically self-sufficient. Working intimately and directly with individuals was something I had been missing and it has opened my eyes, educated and inspired me.

I am truly grateful to the people who have believed and trusted in me over the years. There are many I have never met who through an email or comment have impacted me greatly.

I’ve been married to my husband, Steve, for 36 years. Our relationship has been one of my greatest teachers, filled with challenges and opportunities for growth.

I have three incredible daughters, Stephanie, Stacie and Samantha, who have brought three amazing men into our family, Anthony, Troy and Erik. I am the proud grandma of Brooke and Parker and in love with my sweet boys, our dogs, Max and Moe. My parents and in laws are still in fairly good health, my sister Eileen and my best friend from childhood, Jami, are still by my side. I have food, I have shelter. I have good health and people in my life. I have all I need. Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself how fortunate I am.

Am I lucky? I feel I am, but I also believe we create much of our good luck and I have worked hard at creating and maintaining all I have in my life.

I’ve always sensed that one day my work with yoga; focus on health, mindset and personal growth combined with my expertise in professionalism and career success would somehow come together. This is the first step. Writing has always been an outlet for me; a way of expressing myself. It is through my writing that I discover what is real and true; my way of connecting with you.

Over the years I’ve sensed a need for a place people can turn to find a reassuring sense of comfort, to see things from a different and hopeful perspective. I will strive to make this site that place of peace, potential and possibility. While I have ideas and thoughts about what I might write, I invite you to guide me and let me know the content you need or want to see.

I am fortunate to be considered an expert, but realize I have much to learn, so I am leaving the rest of my story, and this page open to the possibilities ahead. It will be completed as I discover what you are seeking as this site evolves. I look forward to hearing from you, learning who you are and how this forum can benefit you.

In yoga, every practice and class ends as we say Namaste. The literal translation is “I bow to you.” It’s an acknowledgment of the spirit or soul in each of us, which fits perfectly with my intention for this blog. I acknowledge you for all that you are, I thank you for reading what I have written, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

From my heart to yours, I thank you for connecting with me and reading the words I have written

Wishing you peace, health, much happiness and a life filled with possibility, today and always.


Sue Morem

If you would like more information about my work or professional credentials please visit my website www.suemorem.com or use this contact form.