Tips for Surviving a Layoff


Being let go is not easy and it will take time to heal. What happened may not have been part of your plan, but it is life’s plan. You can remain bitter and angry or learn and grow from the experience. It is the most trying times in our lives that define us.


Accept what has happened and take some time to process your feelings. Speak with people you trust, those who will support you during this difficult time

Leave on a high note; keep your reputation intact

Take time for yourself; do something positive and enjoyable

Update your resume. Identify your strengths, skills, and what you accomplished while on the job

Think about and plan how you will talk about what has happened with future employers and others.

Network, stay connected with former coworkers

Be grateful for your time with the company and the skills you gained


Take the layoff personally

Badmouth your previous employer or company

Seek revenge

Go into isolation

Complain or commiserate with others

Seek pity or act like a victim

Give up hope

You will survive this! Hang in there!