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Notice the Signs: Uncover Your Talents and Direct Your Life

Over the last few months people have asked me about my blog: How is it going? Why are you doing it? Can you make money from blogging? I understand people may not understand my motivation or why I would spend time doing something I may not profit from.  Yet when I attempt to answer such […]

The Time Is Now

I love keeping myself busy. A busy schedule makes me feel purposeful and in sync with life. In fact, I am rarely at a loss for something to do. I strive to live life fully, and make the most of each day. The challenge, however, is remembering to take the time to give myself what […]

Gratitude Is Good for You

Did you know that gratitude is good for you? Being thankful strengthens the immune system, helps you sleep better at night and reduces stress. When we take the time to be grateful for what we have, we feel good. But being grateful isn’t automatic nor does it come naturally to most of us. It’s easier […]

There is Life After a Layoff

I was let go from one of my first jobs after only 6 months. I was young and naïve, and unprepared for the day I was terminated. I didn’t know how to tell my family and friends. I was shaken to my core, my confidence shattered. It took me years to admit I was fired. […]

What Are You Thinking?

Happy 2015! It’s a new year and a new beginning. For me, it’s a year to begin blogging; something I have been thinking about doing for some time. Although I am not certain where this will lead, this is the year I am going to do it anyway. I’m letting go of expectations and outcome, […]